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Rapid sponsor-focused website: with new sponsor acquisition and support targeted design and copy; featuring regular press releases, news and articles; hosted and updated, allowing drivers focus on racing.

Rapid web video: creating a powerful 'speech to camera' recording, focused on sponsor impact and engagement; an enhancement to the web presence (also produced in PPT and CD versions)

Rapid PR programme: creating a detailed PR plan, with approx 20 releases p.a.; pre-panned content to create an on- and off-track persona - appealing to sponsor and team ROI; fast turn-around PR post race release writing and distribution

Rapid Sponsor research and development: managing a detailed review of target sponsors, specific to each driver's potential and characteristics; careful nurturing of 'warm' prospects, with tailored communication plan for each; pre-planned engagement strategy, once a prospect agrees to review in detail

Rapid sponsor pitch mentoring and creation: 'brainstorming with experts' sessions, each time a potential major sponsor agrees to a meeting; design, copywriting and preparation of suitable presentation materials, plus meeting script planning and rehearsal

Rapid sponsor negotiation: coordinating presentation meetings and taking a lead role in the pitch; preparing and completing detailed negotiation to secure the optimum package; post-negotiation review and follow-up action plan

Rapid media training: studio and track-side Press interview training; sponsor mind-set understanding and role play; planned and delivered by ex-F1 presenter, Louise Goodman

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Rapid Man is a trading name for Rapid Prop Ltd.