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Rapid Simulator

Rapid Simulator

Bamboo Engineering and Rapid Man are pleased to announce a simulator driver development partnership for the 2010 motor racing season.

The bamboo simulator boasts the latest technology in full motion race simulation.

• G-Force
• Adjustable Force Feedback Steering
• Full Motion Race Seat
• Hydraulic Racing Pedal Set-up
• Genuine Race Components
• Motec Data Logging
• Sequential, Paddle Shift and H-Pattern Gear Shift Systems
• Replay Fridge
• All Major Circuits and Race Cars Available

We see the simulator as a vital tool in helping drivers graduate from Karts to Cars and aid the more experienced drivers in their personal development. Clearly, one of the biggest challenges for any driver is learning circuits. Due to limited testing availability, testing bans, bad weather and of course the huge expense of testing and crash damage, we see a very positive benefit from our controlled environment.
The simulator has many other advantages for example - drivers understanding how to read and digest data, sharpness and accuracy on track, consistency, seat fitness, concentration, dealing with pressure of on lookers, controlled aggression and the all important knowledge of set up changes and how they affect handling. We can also put the drivers out with up to 20 other cars on track to work on race craft, overtaking, finding a gap in qualifying for example. We can practice race starts, opening laps on cold tyres and with the tyre wear mode on, tyres going off or overheating.

The bamboo simulator really stands out against other simulators as most other simulators are purely electronic and do not simulate a realistic feel. For a driver to really benefit from this type of preparation the driver must receive realistic feedback from the brake pedal and steering wheel. When this happens the driver can start to push harder and harder and be rewarded for good technique, other simulators become frustrating and counterproductive.

We have already worked with some very talented drivers including McLaren Autosport Winner and Formula Renault champion Dean Smith.
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Rapid Man is a trading name for Rapid Prop Ltd.